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Poplars Community Primary School

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We currently have spaces available for mornings, afternoons or full days.


Please contact the school office for further details or an application form.

Tel: 01502 565757   Email:


Meet the Team



                 Mrs Cole (EYFS Lead)    Ms Brown (EYFS Lead  - Maternity cover)



Mrs Briggs (Nursery Teacher)       Miss Smith (Nursery LSA)



Daily Routine 


Our doors open at 8:30am and children arrive via the Nursery entrance on the school playground. The MORNING sessions run from 8:30am-11:30am with children collected via the school gate on Somerton Avenue. The AFTERNOON session run from 12:15pm-3:15pm with children arriving via the school gate on Somerton Avenue and children collected via the Nursery door on the school playground. Children who attend Nursery for FULL days arrive at 8:30am and are collected at 3:15pm. Children can be collected from 3pm as we appreciate that parents may have older children at school and wish to collect their Nursery child at the same time.


8:30am- AM and DAY children arrive to Nursery.

8:45am- Registration

9:00am- Whole class session

9:15am- Free Flow play and adult focused tasks both indoors and outdoors.

Throughout the morning session, our snack café is open for children to access.

11:00 am- Tidy up time

11:10 am- Whole class session/story time

11:20am- Home time/Lunchtime routine

11:30am- AM Children collected by parents via Somerton Avenue gate


11:30am-12:30pm- Lunchtime for DAY children


12:15pm- PM Children arrive via Somerton Avenue gate

12:30pm- Registration

12:45pm- Whole class session

1:00pm- Free Flow play and adult focused tasks both indoors and outdoors.

Throughout the afternoon session, our snack café is open for children to access.

2:30pm- Tidy up time

2:40pm- Whole class session/story time

3:00pm- Home time Routine

3:15pm- PM and DAY children are collected from Nursery


Funding and Hours 


We can accept children for 15 hours per week unless you are eligible for a 30-hour code in which case you can choose the sessions/days you would like however, this is always dependent on spaces.


If you believe you are eligible for a 30-hour code then you can follow the link below to claim your code. In order to access the 30-hour provision within our setting you must apply for your code at the end of each term ready for the next. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure their code is validated by the dates that can be found on the website listed below. It is not the responsibility of the school or Nursery staff. If you do not validate your code then it may be that we are unable to provide your child with the continuation their extended hours. 


30 hours free childcare - GOV.UK (


If you are not eligible for extended hours (30-hour code) but you would like your child to experience some full days in our Nursery then there is the option to pay for the extra session. We charge £14 per session, and this needs to be paid in advance of the session being attended, via our SchoolMoney System. If you would like to enquire about extra sessions then please speak to the main school office or a member of the nursery team.



Lunchtime Provision


Children who attend Nursery for FULL day sessions have lunch between 11:30am and 12:30pm. During this time, our EYFS team and MDSA’s, will support the children with their lunch. Children eat their lunch in the school dining hall with the Reception children and once they have finished eating, they play outside in the early year’s area. The children return to Nursery at 12:30pm ready to start the afternoon session. Those staying all day may bring in their own packed lunch or pay for a school lunch.


There is no charge for lunch time provision however charges apply if you would like to order your child a school meal. A school meal is £2.53per day (£12.65 per week), and we need this to be paid in advance of meals being taken, via our SchoolMoney system. As well as the main hot dinner, jacket potatoes, hot tomato pasta or the vegetarian choice of the day can be ordered at the morning register. We also have a 'pick and mix' style lunch for children - the children love it! Children can receive a freshly filled sandwich or roll, a healthy snack, a home baked goodie and a piece of fruit. All this for the same great value £2.53! Meals are cooked and prepared to order so a change of mind at the serving hatch cannot be catered for. Full details of the weekly menus can be found on the school website and are also displayed on the noticeboard in the Nursery cloakroom.


If you have any dietary requirements that you would like to discuss then please speak to a member of the Nursery team.


Please note that we are a nut free school and therefore ask that you do not send nuts or nut products in your child's packed lunches.



Snack Time


We offer a rolling snack during our sessions with the snack café open during free flow in both mornings and afternoons. Adults support the children during this time to help them with their snacks and drinks. Children are more than welcome to bring in their own small, healthy snacks. We also provide children with a healthy snack such as apples, bananas, pears, oranges, tomatoes, raisins etc. We encourage children to bring a drink bottle from home with either water or sugar free squash inside. Jugs of fresh water are available for children to access when needed.





School uniform is not compulsory in Nursery however, most of our parents choose to put their child in uniform to help them feel part of the school community. We recommend wearing the school uniform as activities in Nursery can be messy. Please do not send your child to school in their favourite clothing. We recommend comfortable shoes that are easy to take on and off (by the child) such as Velcro and we recommend either jogging bottoms or leggings that your child can remove easily for toileting.

Brand new uniforms can be purchased from Screens in Rant Score or purchased online. Most major supermarkets also sell school uniform at reasonable prices.





We have Library once a week where the Nursery children can choose a library book to bring home and share with you. It would be helpful if Nursery children could have a book bag or rucksack to bring their library books and schoolwork to and from school each day.



Start Dates and Visits


Tours of the Early Years unit are arranged via the main school office. You can contact us on the admin email address: or by calling the main school office on 01502 565757


Tours are carried out by members of the Senior Leadership Team or the Nursery Class Teacher.





All Nursery children attending Poplars Primary School have a personal on-line Learning Journey which records photos, observations and comments, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage, to build up a record of your child’s experiences during their time with us.


We use Tapestry, a system, which is hosted in the UK on secure servers.  These servers conform to very high environmental standards and are proactively managed 24 hours a day.  Each Tapestry account has its own database and the code itself is developed using hack-resistant techniques.  Filenames are encoded for uploaded videos and images, making Tapestry a safe and secure on-line Learning Journey tool.  The benefits to yourselves from Tapestry being on-line means you will have secure access (via a website which you login to using your email address and a password) to your child’s Learning Journey and, in addition to viewing our contributions, we encourage you to add to it by uploading photos and comments or commenting on observations made by us.


Each class in Nursery has their own secure Tapestry website, which once you have provided the school with an e-mail address we will be able to set you up with an account.  We will also give you information on how to view/use your child’s Learning Journey.                        



Home Time


Nursery children must be collected from the nursery by a named adult. Children under 16 cannot collect children from the nursery. If you are unable to collect your child, then it is your responsibility to inform a member of the nursery team directly or via the main office.