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Poplars Community Primary School

Courage, Honesty, Aspiration, Kindness, Collaboration

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Visions and Values

At Poplars Community Primary School, we are unwaveringly dedicated to providing children with the knowledge and skills needed to reach their full potential. Recognising that every child is an individual with their own set of talents and interests – this is celebrated and actively encouraged. We have exceptionally high expectations of all, as a school community who act with honesty and integrity.​


Our aim is to support and help nurture independent, articulate, aspirational children by providing a safe, inclusive and inspirational environment, where children develop a love of learning and a natural curiosity to know and remember more. We feel passionate about creating leaders of the future, who act with courage and kindness. ​

Together, we collaborate with all stakeholders and make decisions to benefit all. ​


Our vision is underpinned by our core values of: courage, honesty, aspiration, kindness, collaboration. 

The Poplars Way with:​

Courage boldly facing all challenges​

Honesty truthful in what you say and do​

Aspiration set goals for the future​

Kindness be a friend to all​

Collaboration work together​