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Year 5

Reading Progression – Year 5 
















Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 

Retrieves key details and some quotations from the text to demonstrate understanding of key details/information in a text 


Identify explicit details from the text, showing exactly where in the text they found the information 


Can prove or disprove simple statements about a character by finding evidence in a text 


Explains different reasons for reading, including for enjoyment 


Perseveres with challenging texts 

c. Is able to skim whole texts to answer recall questions 


Is able to scan whole texts to answer recall questions 


Gives feasible, reasoned predictions based on evidence 


Begins to use evidence from description, dialogue and action to support their ideas 


Summative reading assessment 


Can read and discuss the construction and meaning of different types of poetry 


Can compare and evaluate different texts against their intended purpose 


Explains isolated events from a text, in the context of the whole narrative 


Confidently uses new language from their own reading experiences in their written and spoken work 


Selects information from across a text to explain or illustrate their ideas 


Can identify the text type according to key features 


Can summarise the main points from a whole text 


Summative reading assessment 

Comments on the impact of organisational and presentational features of a text 


Can empathise with a character's motives and behaviours 


Explains clearly how vocabulary choices affect meaning in a range of text types 


Explains how punctuation and sentence construction is used to enhance meaning 


Uses knowledge of vocabulary and context to give meaning to new language 


Recognises a range of descriptive devices including figurative language 


Compares the behaviour and feelings of different characters in a text 


Can explain the importance of cultural or historical settings on how a text is composed 




Makes links between own reading experiences and that of others 


Constructs detailed responses about what they have read, demonstrating deep understanding and maturity as a reader 


Probes texts deeply through their own questioning and evaluation 


Confidently presents texts aloud to a range of audiences 


Uses information from the text to direct their presentation of it to others 


Cyclical Reading Skills 

Can read aloud with intonation that shows understanding 


Can construct visual images 


Can use appropriate decoding strategies fluently and accurately  


Can show an understanding of the meaning of vocabulary in different contexts 


Can find and copy one word/groups of words with a particular meaning 


Can find words in a text that most closely match the meaning of a given word  


Can explain what words suggest about a given subject 


Can talk about a growing repertoire of vocabulary and know how to independently find out what unknown words in text mean 


Can identify and comment on the grammatical features of text