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The teaching of geography enables children to become more aware of issues in their local environment, as well as more global concerns that affect all of us. Many of the topics covered at Poplars enable children to understand how, historically, the world has changed and how it is continuing to change in present day society. The study of geography enables the children to develop an analytical mind and to challenge modern day practices, in order to maintain our planet for future generations.
Children will cover the following topics as they progress through Poplars:
·         Volcanoes
·         Extreme Environments
·         Origins of food and sustainability
·         Rivers – case study of the River Nile
·         Patterns of human settlement
·         How the Earth has changed over time
·         Conservation in the community
·         Conflict – Location of countries and how borders change as a result of conflict
·         Climate change and its effect on agriculture
How can you help?
It is very important children understand the world around them and what is happening in different parts of the world, in order to broaden their world outlook. There is an abundance of information that children may acquire through television, the media, from conversations at home and from their own observations. Please engage with your children about current affairs and try to harbour any interests they may have, by researching topical issues or further developing the knowledge they have acquired in lessons.