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Religion & Worldviews

At Poplars, we provide a vibrant and inclusive primary Religion and Worldviews (R&W) curriculum that fosters curiosity, understanding, and respect for different religious and non-religious beliefs and practices. Our intent is to empower our students through the exploration of diverse religious and ethical perspectives, we aim to nurture their character, equipping them with the values and skills necessary to become compassionate, responsible and engaged citizens in an ever-changing, diverse world, promoting tolerance, collaboration, empathy and personal growth.  


R&W encompasses the study of faiths and cultures and our curriculum reflects the community around us. We ensure children can see themselves in their curriculum; encouraging pupils to develop their own sense of identity and belonging and clarify their own worldview enabling them to flourish individually as responsible citizens; preparing them for life in modern Britain.  In the classroom, we challenge pupils to reflect on, analyse, interpret, and evaluate issues of truth, belief, faith, and ethics, and to communicate their own ideas and responses clearly, while being sensitive to the worldviews of others. Children will secure a deep understanding of concepts to be able to make connections, ask and respond to challenging questions, learn to respect and appreciate worldviews that are different to their own and consider their personal preconceptions, responses and views. By revisiting key ‘big questions’ and building on prior knowledge, pupils will learn about how religion and worldviews are lived experiences across the world, consider the impact of worldviews on society and have opportunities to consider their personal worldviews. 


Through R&W lessons, we explore the teachings of different religious traditions that promote kindness, empathy and acts of compassion.  We aim to foster courage in our students by encouraging them to explore new ideas, ask challenging questions and embrace the unknown. By promoting an open and honest dialogue, we create a space safe for student to share their thoughts, with respect and honesty. 


Through R&W lessons we inspire our students to develop aspirations, encouraging them to dream big, set goals, and work diligently towards their personal and academic growth.