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Courage, Honesty, Aspiration, Kindness, Collaboration

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Junior Leadership

At Poplars, we believe in a pupil led culture where children take on key leadership roles. We whole-heartedly value the work of our pupil leaders, moulding leaders of the future, ready for work, ready for the world.


We strive to craft confident and articulate leaders who can share their views to any audience and apply their leadership skills to real life situations.


From this, we have embedded Junior Leadership Teams of children that act as a link between their peers, staff, SLT and our Governors. The intent is to offer children the opportunities to develop our school and local community, so that it continues to grow, thrive and succeed.  


Recruitment process: 

All potential junior leaders initially complete an application form to express interest in a role. They are also supplied with the person specification and code of conduct. Which details the qualities and characteristics we expect all junior leaders to display. Junior leadership teams have a linked adult(s) to act as a facilitator for the team. 



The Poplars Way with: 

Courage  - boldly facing all challenges 

Honesty - truthful in what you say and do 

Aspiration - set goals for the future 

Kindness - be a friend to all 

Collaboration - work together