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Courage, Honesty, Aspiration, Kindness, Collaboration

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At Poplars, we consistently promote the study and appreciation of a foreign language (in our case, French) because of its increasing importance in both personal development and in global society. All children are introduced to MFL at the beginning of KS2 where their learning journey in French begins.  


Poplar’s MFL curriculum is vibrant, inclusive, systematic and communicates to pupils the principles and benefits to language learning. Our intent is to achieve high quality provision so that all pupils at Poplars benefit from the unique social and educational advantages and experiences learning a language can bring to pupils at primary school. It provides pupils with a grounding of skills and knowledge in linguistic competence creating a sound basis for further study at KS3 and promotes positive attitudes towards linguistic diversity in their school and beyond.   


Our intent at Poplars is: 


  • To enable children to understand and communicate in another language and have the courage and aspiration to do so. 

  • To develop a broad and balanced curriculum. 

  • To develop enthusiasm for language learning. 

  • To build in opportunities for language throughout all areas of the school day. 

  • To develop language skills and language learning skills. 

  • To give the children courage and creativeness in interacting with others using their own ideas. 

  • To increase the children’s global awareness. 

  • To awaken an interest in different cultures and life-styles. 

  • To develop children’s understanding of themselves and their culture linked to SMSC. 

  • To encourage tolerance, kindness and a willingness to work in collaboration with others. 

  • To give a sound start for further development at Key Stage 3 and beyond. 

  • To tailor learning to meet the needs to all pupils including those with SEND. 

  • To build on prior knowledge by re-visiting and recycling content, as children progress and develop through KS2.  

  • To honestly reflect on their own progress and suggest next steps for learning.