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At Poplars our children are limitless with their ambitions and opportunities. We have an inclusive Science curriculum that enables all children to access all learning, experiments and practical investigations. It is a broad and balanced curriculum that is sequential and enables children to build upon their previous knowledge and skills. We want to develop a passion for Science in all children by encouraging their natural curiosity about the world around them. We want children to think of Science as informative but fun! Children collaborate through discussions and activities with visitors, hands-on learning and in class discussions. The children have opportunities to develop their knowledge by having the courage to ask questions independently, thinking critically, exploring possible answers and developing the skills to come to reliable conclusions.  We want our pupils to be in awe and wonder at the marvel that is our world and universe, as well as to understand how important it is that we look after it. Through this, they may have the aspiration to be the scientists of the future! 

Our curriculum has been designed through the use of Whiterose; it has appropriate coverage; it is sequential and structured and is implemented and adapted to the needs of our pupils.  Science units are generally taught in unison to enable the development of the child’s learning.   
By the end of their primary education, children will to be able to engage with the world around them, enabling them to progress their learning further. Children will have an understanding of both skills for working scientifically and an overall knowledge of Science within its different areas, preparing them for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world today and in the future. 

Science in EYFS

Science in EYFS