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History at Poplars is designed to achieve two fundamental aims: 

 to equip our children with the knowledge and skills to foster a love of and understanding of their own history and sense of place; and, to engender global citizens who actively engage with their local and global community with compassion, kindness and collaboration.  


Through a progressive and chronological approach to history, our teaching enables long-term memory storage of knowledge over an extended period. In line with best practice research, we ensure our curriculum builds schemas (webs of meanings and ideas associated with different terms) and is tailored to suit historical understanding on a local, national and international level. To this end, History at Poplars aims to provide a knowledge rich curriculum within which children are supported to know more and remember more. This is designed so that children will be able to recall prior learning with ease, assimilate and understand accumulated knowledge, and apply their understanding to new contexts, areas of learning and topics.