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At Poplar’s Primary School we are passionate about providing an ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum which has the 20 values and ideas from our vision word cloud at its core. We are continually developing this to ensure our children leave us in with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their very best and are confident to take on the challenges of the next stage in their learning. We believe deeply in the importance of supporting children’s personal development and providing enriching experiences and varied opportunities for our children to build their self-belief, their resilience, their sense of place and their curiosity about the world around them.


Organisation of our Curriculum


  • Poplars’ curriculum is based upon a knowledge-rich approach and is carefully planned and sequenced to maximise opportunities for meaningful links to be made within and between different subjects and year groups. This enables our children to build their knowledge and subject-specific skills progressively. 
  • Reading is central to our curriculum. Our aim is for all our children to develop both strong, fluent reading skills and a love of reading. We follow Read Write Inc to provide firm foundations in KS1 and use high-quality texts in our English lessons across the school. Every class is read to each day from a carefully selected, diverse collection of short stories and longer novels.
  • We believe it is important that children build a good understanding of different subject disciplines and are encouraged to think of themselves as geographers, historians, scientists or artists. To support this, the majority of our subjects are organised into subject-specific units of work which are taught over 1, 2- or 3-weeks during curriculum sessions in the afternoons. Alongside English and maths, which are taught daily, PE and PSHE are covered each week to support children’s wellbeing and their personal, social and health development.
  • A key aim of our curriculum is to develop children’s sense of place and belonging and so we have built a local area study into each of our year groups where they focus on a different aspect of Lowestoft. This also allows us to forge links within our local community and explore our local area, developing a greater understanding of where we live.
  • Alongside our curriculum, we have developed our ‘Poplars’ Experiences’ where we have set out the enriching experiences and opportunities we want all of our children to have by the time they leave us. These range from participating in a school performance, to visiting a museum, to learning about managing a budget, to enjoying an ice-cream on the beach.

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