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Poplars Community Primary School

Courage, Honesty, Aspiration, Kindness, Collaboration

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Our Curriculum

 Courage         Honesty           Aspiration           Kindness        Collaboration


At Poplars Community Primary School, our curriculum is designed to nurture and develop the whole child, enabling every student to become everything they can be. Our core values (kindness, collaboration, aspiration, honesty, and courage) are interwoven throughout our educational approach, ensuring that these principles are not only taught but lived and experienced daily by our students.


Our curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced education, rich with experiences and opportunities that support the development of each child. From academic pursuits to extracurricular activities, every aspect is carefully planned to ensure students are well-rounded individuals ready to contribute positively to the world.


At Poplars Community Primary School, we believe that every child has the potential to excel. Through our commitment to our core values, we strive to create an educational environment where students are empowered to be kind, collaborative, aspirational, honest, and courageous. In doing so, we prepare them not only for academic success but for a fulfilling and meaningful life.


Kindness forms the heart of our school community. Through our curriculum, we foster an environment where empathy and respect are paramount. Students engage in activities that promote understanding and compassion, encouraging them to support one another and contribute positively to society.


Collaboration is a cornerstone of our learning approach. We believe that working together enhances the educational experience and builds essential life skills. Our curriculum includes numerous group projects, peer-learning opportunities, and cooperative tasks that teach students the value of teamwork and the strength found in diverse perspectives.


Aspiration drives our commitment to high standards and continuous improvement. We inspire our students to set ambitious goals and provide them with the tools and support needed to achieve their dreams. Our curriculum is rich with challenges and opportunities that stretch students' abilities, fostering a mindset of growth and a love for lifelong learning.


Honesty is integral to our ethos. We promote an atmosphere of trust and integrity, where students feel safe to express themselves and learn from their experiences. Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of truthfulness and ethical behaviour, guiding students to be responsible and reflective individuals.


Courage is celebrated and cultivated at Poplars. We encourage our students to take risks in their learning, to question, and to face challenges head-on. Our curriculum includes diverse experiences that push students out of their comfort zones, helping them build resilience and confidence in their abilities.

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