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Welcome to the Evolution Academy Trust!


We are a specialist Primary Trust with schools in Norwich and  Lowestoft with 12 Primary Schools as members.


We are proud of the improvement journey our schools are on. We strive for high standards across all measures and work as a cohesive family to achieve out outcomes.


Our Vision is for every child in our care to leave our Academies having developed their skills and knowledge to their fullest potential through exceptional teaching and curriculum which value the uniqueness of the child and the academy. Through high aspirations and exceptional teaching and leadership, our children will thrive and be confident in their own abilities and know that they are capable of achieving anything they aspire to.


Our Key Values which every member of our trust supports are:


- An understanding that we have the ability to profoundly change children’s lives.

- An understanding that everyone is accountable to ensure that aspirations and expectations are   high for every unique child in our care. Everyone has a responsibility to positively and         passionately advocate for every child in our care.

- A personal commitment to self-evaluation and self-improvement for themselves and others.


Please contact us if you would like to work in partnership with our trust or are interested in finding out more.


Yours sincerely,


Dr Craig Avieson


Evolution Academy Trust


For more information, please visit the Evolution Academy Website, click here


To find out more information on our Trustees, please click here.


To find out about the Trust's annual reports and accounts, please click here and follow the link to the Trust website.


Please find below a copy of Evolution Academy Trust's Funding Agreement: