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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Here are some of the many wonderful adults that work at our school:


Senior Leadership Team


Mrs L Holzer
Executive Principal
Mrs G Stowers
Head of School
Mrs J Hood
Mrs N Snell
Mr J King
Business Manager
Miss R Spry Assistant Headteacher
Mr S Betts Assistant Headteacher
Mrs E Sims Foundation Stage Leader
Miss T Spindler PSHE Lead
Mrs Annica Pratt Year 1 Leader


Teaching Staff


Mrs K Reeder

Miss T Spindler
Mrs E Sims

Year 1
Mrs A Pratt
Mrs S Nadin

Mrs D Moore

Year 2
Mrs L West
Mrs A Eaton
Mrs A Smith / Mrs R Beskin

Year 3
Mr J Chipperfield
Miss O Gillard
Mrs R Keal

Year 4
Mr D McDonald
Miss C Thacker/ Mrs Hurcum

Mrs Sharman

Year 5
Mr G Draper
Miss S Croston
Miss K Mycock

Year 6
Miss Spry/Mr Betts
Mr Norris

Support Staff
Mrs T Briggs

Ms N Marshall-Williams

Mrs J Oram
Mr M Simpson

Mrs D Gibbons

Miss K Summers

Miss S Jackson

Mrs K Hollyhead

Mrs S Cheverton

Mrs B Reid

Mrs S Copeman

Mrs K Foster
Mrs L Collins

Mrs E Nicholls

Mrs L Beck

Ms M Fox

Mrs W Smith

Mrs D Dare

Mrs V Van Leeuwen
Miss G Eglington
Mrs S Butler
Mrs T Stothard

Mrs M Lacey

Mr A Neal

Miss C Bayes

Mr M Dawson - Sports


Inclusion Team
Mrs J Hood- Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs N Snell - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Mrs P Hicks- Children's Support Worker

Mrs S Weekes - Behaviour Support Mentor

Admin Team/Premises Team

Mr J King
School Business Manager
Miss P Bunn
Office/Finance Manager
Mrs Z Lyon PA to Head of School
Mrs A Jervis
Administrative Assistant
Mrs R Lowery
Administrative Assistant
Mrs R Denny Attendance Officer
Mr J Osborn

Premises Manager

Mr M Harvey Caretaker
Mr R Groom ICT Technician



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