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It is our aim at The Poplars to fufil each and every child's entitlement to a high standard of PE provision. Your child will take part in weekly practical lessons, both indoors and out. These sessions will be designed to provide your child with the opportunity to develop their generic skills, knowledge and understanding to support their journey towards becoming physically literate as well as offering a first glimpse and experience of a wide range of sports. We hope that this in turn will enthuse our pupils to want to continue to actively participate in future life and develop a keen interest in sport and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

What if my child isn't the most 'sporty'?
 Lessons are designed to give opportunities to develop and improve to all children at any level of ability. Activites are planned to include achievable targets for each child, whilst challenging them enough to promote progress.

What if my child doesn't like football?
 Whilst children will come across football, in it's many guises, throughout the year during PE lessons, we pride ourselves in the diversity of sports/games we expose our pupils to. A list of some examples can be found below. However, whatever the actual sport a lesson is focused upon, reference is always made to the transferable skills being used/worked upon that can be translated into many other sports.

 Some of the sports your child may experience during a PE lesson at The Poplars:

Tag Rugby          Badminton           Cricket          Ultimate Frisbee         Football         Squash

Rounders           Netball            Stoolball            Tennis           Athletics          Dodgeball         

Basketball         Handball          Hand Tennis        Volleyball           Chinese Football           Matball

Archery         Gymnastics         Unihoc         Hockey       Benchball      Skittleball        Mini Golf

and many more!

My child has tried a sport and really enjoys it? Where can they play it some more?
Excellent! Great news!
 We attempt to provide as many school clubs as humanly possible, covering many of the sports touched upon within lessons. There are also many local clubs that we aware of and would recommend. Below is a list of some. Please feel free to contact me via the suggestion box if their is something else you are looking for!

Waveney Football Club

Kirkley & Pakefield Football Club

Lowestoft & Yarmouth Rugby Club

Waveney Gymnastics Club

Lowestoft & Oulton Broad Swimming Club

Who will teach me PE?

We look to ensure all of our wonderful teachers are confident in teaching all aspects of the PE curriculum. However, we also recognise that in certain situations only an expert will do! Our PE instructor is Max Dawson - Norfolk Squash Coaching

What will my child need for PE lessons?
 We do not ask you to supply any specialist equipment for any of your child's PE lessons. However, it is vitally important that your child has the correct/appropriate clothing to wear for ALL lessons. I would personally recommend involving your child in the process of preparing their 'PE kit', developing their sense of responsibility.
 In most cases your child will have one indoor and one outdoor lesson per week. For indoor sessions we expect your child to have access to the following items:


  • T-shirt (we ask for plain white. School logo T-Shirts are avaliable from the office.)
  • Shorts (black)
  • Plimsols/clean trainers (NOT those worn for outdoor PE/during break or lunchtimes.)


 For outdoor PE your child will need the following:


  • Appropriate footwear (trainers. NOT those to be fworn for indoor PE.)
  • T-Shirt (we ask for plain white. School logo T-Shirts are avaliable from the office.)
  • Shorts (black)
  • Warm clothing (tracksuits ideally for the colder days!)


 We would also recommend the following:


  • Shower proof jacket (in KS2 we will still carry out lessons in all but the most adverse weather conditions.) 


Your child's PE lessons should be on the same days every week for the majority of the time. However, we do ask that your child could have their kits with them at all times incase of any unforeseen circumstances that may lead to a change of day. 

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