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Computers play such a vital role in our world these days, so at Poplars we place emphasis on giving our children the best start in the world of technology!

At Poplars, ICT is incorporated into and taught throughout all aspects of our curriculum, being an essential tool for teaching and learning across all subject areas. We endeavour to help pupils see ICT as a natural tool for research, analysis and presentation. We also ensure we focus on teaching children the essential skills, knowledge and understanding needed to match our ever-evolving technology filled world. We employ a wide selection of software including word processing; data handling, LOGO, graphics and simulation packages, which help children acquire these necessary skills.
ICT is taught in a variety of ways.  Where necessary, specific ICT skills are taught in discrete ICT lessons, however the majority of ICT teaching takes place using a cross curricular approach.  This allows children to transfer ICT skills and use technology for a real purpose. Our delivery and organisation of ICT is such that we do not exclusively restrict its use to a time or location but deliver the required skills ‘at the point of learning,’ where they become relevant and meaningful. Learners are therefore empowered to make choices about the relevance of the technology and apply it effectively.

With the world out there at the click of a button, ICT is handy for essential research for many of our core topics such as Pirates, Shakespeare and The Tudors. Of course, all safe searches are on and children cannot access any webpages that are not suitable for them. Playing games in free time is also a good way of developing childrens skills on the computer.

The school is well equipped with computers, visualizers and interactive whiteboards in every classroom, in addition to a top-of-the range radio station (with all the trimmings), data logging equipment, digital cameras, bee-bots, cam-corders and IPads. We are, however, seeking to develop our ICT resources so watch this space! 

Year 6 are very able when it comes to using computers and regularly copy and paste. Some children even use the basics of Microsoft Excel to plot graphs!

Year 5 have been involved in making ‘Stop Motion’ movies over at The Denes using SAM software as part of the transition programme.

Year 4 have done a variety of exciting ICT projects this year, including blogging, website design, tweeting, creating our very own city simulations, designing comics, newspapers and magazines, not to mention recording and producing radio shows that are broadcasted across the Poplars community each playtime and lunchtime!

Year 3 Use ICT to access Reading Eggs and Mathletics. This is so engaging for the children that they even choose to use ICT in their own time. Also, they learn how to use images from the internet to support their work, as well as developing their word processing skills to create visually exciting documents for readers to enjoy.

Within the younger year groups, children have used programmable robots during Maths lessons. They also use the computer, mainly to use Clicker 6, Reading Eggs, 2Paint to make posters and pictures and to access some internet programmes with educational games on. Many of the children have told me they can use tablets and phones!