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Curriculum Overview


               Poplars Curriculum Statement


We provide a curriculum that is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated to provide for varied abilities based on the statutory requirements of the new National curriculum 2014.  Barriers to learning are removed and we provide suitable learning challenges that respond to diverse needs.  This encompasses a variety of exciting, first-hand experiences to enable children to acquire appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding preparing them for today’s world. Through the provision of a stimulating environment, children will develop to their full potential academically, socially and physically. Learning is organised into cross-curricular themes or topics to utilise the natural links between different subjects and ensure a coherent experience for our children. Depending on their age and stage of learning each theme or topic may extend from a few weeks (Year R) to spanning a term or more (Year 6). Where meaningful links cannot be made, learning is taught in subject-specific blocks.


National Curriculum coverage is clearly mapped within and across topics to ensure all pupils have access to their legal entitlement - a broad and balanced curriculum. A copy of all year groups’ curriculum news is available on our website. We love talking about our curriculum so please ask for any of the senior leaders in school and we would love to talk to you!


For each topic, Teachers produce a Medium-Term Overview which maps out a series of key questions designed to ignite children’s curiosity and promote enquiry-led learning. The Medium-Term Overview indicates where and when learning in different subject areas will be addressed and the key learning outcomes that will be used to assess achievement and inform subsequent learning provision.


In English, Teachers and Phase Leaders produce a Medium-Term Plan which outlines the ‘hook’, skills, key subject specific vocabulary and how the skills taught will be applied to produce outcomes with a clear purpose and audience which will be used to assess achievement and inform subsequent learning provision.


For Maths we have adopted the Central Education Team (CET) scheme of work. This informs Medium-Term/

Long-Term plans for mathelamtical themes, Year group objectives and an accurate Short-Term plan with detailed Schemes of Learning.


Teachers produce Short Term plans for English, Maths and their current Topic which maps out the learning journey in more detail; session by session and shows how learning will be taught, resourced and assessed to ensure all groups of learner’s progress well from their different starting points.


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