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Autumn Term 2022

Year 3's Trip to the Natural History Museum

We took the children in Year 3 to the Natural History Museum in London to consolidate our learning about rocks and fossils.  They had an amazing day exploring the Museum and were able to talk about the fossils and dinosaurs we saw in terms of what they had learnt in class. They knew that the fossils were found in sedimentary rock, and could explain how they had been formed over millions of years.  They were stunned by the size of some of the dinosaurs (large and small!) and loved the T-Rex.  The children were also really pleased to see the actual Icthyosaur found by Mary Anning in Lyme Regis – the most important fossil ever found at that time.  We had lots of shouts of “We know about her!”



The Planetarium Visits KS1

KS1 have been learning all about space so the children were particularly excited when we had a visit from Andy, who brought his planetarium to the school hall! We were able to go inside the dome and look closely at all of the planets we had been learning about. Andy also showed us the star constellations and the wonderful stories behind them. 

The Lowestoft Longshoremen

As part of our whole school local area unit, The Lowestoft Longshoremen visited and performed a range of sea shanties to each year group. They explained the meanings behind these songs and when they would be sung. We loved hearing these traditional songs being sung and joining in with them! 

Year 4's Trip to Orbis Energy

KS1's Historical Lowestoft Walk

Year 3's Trip to the Most Easterly Point!