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Snack Cafe

We have introduced a Snack Cafe for our Reception classes. The children may access the Snack Cafe during the day whenever they feel in need of a drink or something to eat. In our Cafe the children may select cereal, toast or fruit. We also serve special foods for celebrations throughout the year. For example, we tried pancakes with different toppings on Shrove Tuesday and Hot Cross Buns at Easter.

The children are developing wonderful motor skills through buttering their own bread, cutting their toast, using the cereal dispenser and pouring their own drinks. They are  also learning to wash and dry their plates, cup and bowls!

Take a look at just some of our photos below.


Snack cafe

Snack cafe 1
Snack cafe 2
Snack cafe 3
Snack cafe 4
Snack cafe 5
Snack cafe 6
Snack cafe 7
Snack cafe 8
Snack cafe 9
Snack cafe 10
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