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We had a wonderful time on our Reception trip to Wroxham Barns. We were very excited to go on a coach and spotted lots of interesting thing on the journey - animals, tractors, a train, a fire engine, even an air ambulance!

When we arrived at Wroxham Barns we learnt all about how to keep safe on the farm and how to handle and feed the animals. Then off we went to meet our first furry friends - Guinea pigs, a large Rabbit called Biscuit and two day old chicks which were so fluffy. Next we went to feed the ducks and a very large swan named Charlie. After that we collected fresh eggs from the hen house and then it was time for lunch.

After lunch we watched the pigs and their piglets being fed and we got to feed some donkeys, ponies, turkeys, chickens, cows and goats. Then it was time to feed the lambs their bottles of milk. They were very hungry and we had to hold on to the bottles very tight!

Soon it was time to get back on the coach and go back to school. We were all very tired. Some of us even fell asleep on the coach journey back..


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Please remember to read at home with your child at least 3 times a week. If a child reads at least 3 times at home they receive a sticker on their book mark. The children are really keen to read at school and to use their phonics to help them. They are all making such amazing progress with their reading! It really does make a difference if they can continue that learning at home by sharing their reading book with you. Not to mention the little bit of competition between the reception classes - We will keep you updated with the amount of readers each week from each reception class. We can win this! 

Thank you for your continued support! 

Picture 1 We love to read outside.
Picture 2 We love to read inside.
Picture 3 We love to share books with friends.
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