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It's that time of year where we the children are working very hard in preparation for their SATs tests this term. To help with this, the year 6 children have been coming up with SATs DOs and DON'Ts to help them on their journey to success! Here are some of their great ideas:



- Get an early night before each test

- Have a good breakfast on the morning of each test 

- Don't panic!

- Keep calm and have a go

- Play outside lots to get some nice fresh air!

- Read the questions carefully - what is it actually asking you to do?

- Check the number of marks available for each question 

- Check how many boxes you need to tick for these questions 

- If it says find and copy one word, only put one word down!

- If you get stuck, move onto the next question and return to it later

- Read the text carefully 

- When you have finished, check each answer thoroughly 

- In Maths, always show your working out, you might get a mark for this 




- Stay up all night the night before the test 

- Get into school late the morning of the test 

- Forget to eat breakfast on the morning of the test 

- Think about the test when you are at home, just relax!



Remember, your SATs score does NOT show you these things:

- What a lovely person you are 

- What a good friend you are

- How good you are at music / art / drama / sports 

- How helpful you are 

- How kind you are 


Make sure you get lots of time to play outside at home and get early nights to give your brain lots of time to sleep and recover smiley

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