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Mr McDonald

Welcome to class 5DM!


Spring term


We have had a great Spring term in 5DM and the children have produced some incredible work, both in our "Electricity" topic and with regards to our class novel; Stormbreaker. Their stories which were displayed at our parent event were a joy to read, and it was great to see so many of you show your support! 

The children also sent their own letters to Anthony Horowitz, discussing their preference between the book and film and explaining why they felt this way. These letters have been posted to the author and we eagerly await to see if he responds. 


To end the work surrounding the novel, the children produced some beautiful silhouette art, where they captured their favourite scene from the book. Can you spot yours in the images below? 






Summer term


As we enter the summer term we are beginning to look at a new topic; Ancient Mayan Civilisation. As the Mayans are credited with inventing chocolate, we will be looking at chocolate adverts and persuasive techniques in our literacy work. We will also be producing some chocolate inspired poetry! 


Check out our curriculum map to see an overview of the topics we will be learning about this half term!


The displays are up and running, all we need now is some fabulous new work to go up alongside! 








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