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EYFS Curriculum Plan Autumn 2016

In Early Years ( Reception and Nursery) we follow the children's interests to develop their learning against the Early Years Framework. Alongside this, we explore the themes of  Autumn, Ourselves, and special celebrations such as Christmas, Magusto, Halloween and Bonfire Night during the Autumn term.

In Literacy, we will be following the Read Write Inc programme for teaching phonics. In the Autumn Term in Reception children will be learning initial sounds and blending sounds to make words. For daily information about the phonics work we are learning, please look at the white boards outside each class. As well as phonics, both Reception and Nursery children will be offered a language rich environment to support their literacy skills. Reading and writing opportunities will be provided in all areas of the classroom and outside area through adult led and child initiated activities. All classes offer stimulating and comfortable book corners where children can share stories, poetry, rhymes and non fiction texts, re enact their favourite stories using puppets and props and talk about the things they have read and enjoyed.

In Mathematics, children will learn to recognise, write, order, count and use numbers to ten and beyond. We will explore shape, measures, time and money through play based activities and small group tasks. Mathematics is explored in our classes through all aspects of learning, from playdough to water play, construction to creative arts and role play. Children also learn to use mathematics and develop problem solving skills within their every day experiences.
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