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Curriculum Overview

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

We are so pleased with this year's SATS results (2015)!!

Our Children achieved...

81% in Reading, Writing and Maths combined (National Average is 80)
37% of our children attained a level 5 or above in Reading
42% of our children attained a level 5 or above in Writing
48% of our children attained a level 5 or above in Maths
92% made 2 Levels Progress in Reading (National Average is 91%)
41% made 3 levels Progress in Reading (national Average is 35%)
100% made 2 Levels Progress in Writing (National Average is 94%)
53% made 3 levels Progress in Reading (national Average is 33%)
94% made 2 Levels Progress in Maths (National Average is 90%)
44% made 3 levels Progress in Maths (national Average is 35%)

Well Done Everyone!!

Curriculum News...

We provide a curriculum that is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated to provide for varied abilities based on the statutory requirements of the new National curriculum 2014.  Barriers to learning are removed and we provide suitable learning challenges that respond to diverse needs.  This encompasses a variety of exciting, first-hand experiences to enable children to acquire appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding preparing them for today’s world. Through the provision of a stimulating environment, children will develop to their full potential academically, socially and physically.  Parents are kept up to date about curriculum issues by means of a curriculum newsletter sent out each term by individual teachers.  A copy of all year groups’ curriculum news is available on our website. We love talking about our currciulum so please ask for any of the senior leaders in school and we would love to talk to you!

Please click on the link below to view our Long Term Curriculum Plan which gives all the information about our curriculum for all year groups for the whole year.

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